Monday, September 19, 2011

Simpson Oil (or "Why Cancer Foundations are a Fraud")

     Have you ever wondered why, in spite of BILLIONS of dollars being funneled to major players in the pharmaceutical industry and the multiple cancer research foundations, we still do not have a cure for cancer, but rather, cancer is on the rise - especially among children and young adults?  If they discovered a cure - which, in my opinion, they have - they would ultimately be out of work and out of money.  This is where Rick Simpson steps in...
     Rick Simpson decided to treat his Basal Cell Carcinoma with oil that he extracted from the cannabis plant using naphtha to dissolve the cannabinoids from the unwanted parts of the plant.  Rick didn't realize at the time, but when he showed his doctor the wonderful results of the "Simpson Oil" on his skin cancer, he soon discovered that the medical world did not appreciate this and soon Rick was being dealt with by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The following video documentary (about one hour long) explains his story in full:
     In an additional video, I have included the "recipe" for making Simpson Oil.  Certain states, like California, do not allow solvent-extracted concentrates of cannabis.  The making of Simpson Oil can be dangerous, so make it at your own risk!  Here is the video:
     I conclude by saying that cancer's best "cure" is prevention.  Unfortunately, society has committed to processed, artificially colored and flavored foods and toxic petroleum distillates in skin-care items.  Our tap water is laden with fluoride and crops are coated with radioactive pesticides. I could go on but the point is made... With that being said, cannabis has shown clinically and anecdotally to combat cancer and we hear nothing of it from the mainstream sources.  Let us do something about it! Tell your friends that you support cannabis and help inform people of its benefits.

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