Friday, September 23, 2011

Bud of the Week - Cinderella 99

     Just like the fairy-tale princess of this bud's namesake, Cinderella 99 is a royal strain with humble beginnings. She is the ultimate by-product of the happenstance of a breeder visiting a coffeeshop in Amsterdam and finding a few seeds in a bud of Jack Herer.  The breeder, from the now-defunct Brothers Grimm, grew the seeds out and isolated one under the name "Princess". Princess' father was unidentified , but the sweet, pineapple aroma was appealing, so the breeder took Princess' brothers and pollinated them with a ShivaSkunk female.  The resulting seeds yielded males, which began the cubing process with Princess and the finished product was "Cinderella 99".
    Unfortunately, this generation is no longer available.  An F2 version was created with the attempt to keep the original traits of the F1 hybrid.  At this point, I will be referring to the F2 in this blog.
     Under 1000W lights, C 99 has yielded two ounces of finished product from 3 gallon soil grows.  The good news is this plant is only in flower for under 60 days.  C 99 can be a pain to manicure due to the abundance of fine leaves common to sativas.
     Be cautious when using this strain as the high is potent and has caught people off guard - even to the point of muscle twitching and paranoia!  The smell is strong of pineapple but the aftertaste has been described as chemical or burnt leaves.

Medicinal Uses: Chronic Pain, Cancer, Nausea, Depression, MS, Migraines 

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