Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Intellectual Honesty: Ron Paul

     For years, I was spoon-fed the argument that marijuana is bad - bad for one's health and bad for the moral fiber of society.  Then I got a clue. After watching numerous documentaries, reading many books, and sprinkling in a little bit of common sense (a little bit is all it takes and frankly, it is all I am capable of!),  I had changed my position on cannabis.
    First, cannabis is not harmful when used in moderation and the studies that claimed marijuana smoking is dangerous used ABSURD amounts (such as 10-15 joints a day) of it on the test subjects to get their results! Here is a helpful *LINK* in regards to the "harm" of cannabis...
     Second, cannabis has NOT destroyed our nation's "moral fiber".  The prohibition of it has given cannabis a bad name. Prior to the 1940's, cannabis was socially accepted - it was actually used as a cure for alcoholism!   It later became taboo and illegal due to *racial bigotry and corporate greed* on the part of Big Pharma and many other industries that competed with hemp.
      I have included a few videos of Republican candidate Ron Paul discussing cannabis and personal freedoms.
      I even threw in a video for my liberal blog followers:
      Be honest. Learn the facts and don't be afraid of something that you are not sure about. Ask questions. Seek answers.

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  1. I agree. I used to be a drug addictions counselor. It bothered me to no end when I'd get a client in treatment (mandated by probation) whose only "problem" was marijuana. Of course, I had juvenile clients and the only concern I really had was their motivation level for ever moving past adolescence, but that's a different topic...and probably the case with any teen, whether they're on "drugs" or not.