Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cannabis use = Sorcery??? Part Two

     Just as we picture a witch stirring a cauldron with a big spoon and adding a menagerie of ingredients (drugs) to complete a magic spell, the word "pharmakeia" should evoke the idea of magic incantations and occultic rituals - all with the explicit purpose of manifesting the lusts of idolatry, the worship of gods other than the True God.  It was not uncommon for magi and sorcerers to use psychoactive substances to conjure spirits and communicate with otherworldly entities.
     As a Christian, I am to abstain from any "conjuring" of spirits, for the Word of God tells me that these spirits are in fact demons.  Anyone opening themselves to such is asking for trouble.  The question that now arises is, "Can a Christian use cannabis without it being sorcery?"  My opinion is YES!  Certainly cannabis has and still is being used as a tool to disconnect from reality (which can invite spirits into one's presence).  That does not discredit other reasons for using cannabis, such as for pain relief, appetite stimulation, general health and well-being, and any other of a number of reasons.  Claiming that using medicine is sorcery goes completely against the principles found in the Bible.  If that was the case, how many Christians are "living in sin" because they are taking Vicodins for a back injury or are on a regimen of chemotherapy pills for cancer?
     To conclude, I want to be clear that the reason for using cannabis has everything to do with it being "witchcraft" or not.  Matt.15:11 makes it clear that it's not what I put in my mouth that corrupts me - it is what comes out of my mouth. If consuming cannabis is bad (which it's not - it's very safe), then what does that say about a double cheeseburger with a large fry and Mountain Dew?  Christians shouldn't be out to offend others with things that may cause another to stumble, but cannabis  is one of God's creations and medicinal blessings and science has begun to realize the medical value of the plant.  We have been duped by money-grubbing politicians and lobbyists over the years into thinking that it is an evil plant. C'mon...Who is truly being the "stumbling-block"?


  1. canna culturist followers, here's a link that has a downloadable letter that you can print and send to our State Rep. Candice Miller,-

    It can be saved to your computer and you can print as many as you need to hand them out- take action now- Ron Paul 2012

  2. And I would add that to be a REAL Stumbling block would be to cause someone (a weaker or new Christian) to go back to the very thing that controlled them or was a sin to them (for it's abuse)because of our use of whatever the "thing" might be, so I would say that to avoid being a stumbling block one should avoid being a spectacle in front of the weaker brother...