Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DuPont hates Cannabis - Part 1

     If one is willing to take a moment and do some homework, he or she would find that DuPont, one of the world's leading chemical corporations, was a major player in the "Let's eradicate cannabis from the planet!" campaign.  I will try to give my readers a condensed version of this story, but please take some time and search out these facts for yourself.  Due to the fact that I try to keep my blog entries to a few paragraphs per blog, I will not pour out everything there is to know about this "relationship" between cannabis and DuPont in this blog entry.  I will begin by focusing on the use of cannabis in paints and varnishes.
     Prior to DuPont's multiple petrochemical creations hitting the market, *hempseed oil* was used in the manufacturing of virtually all quality paints and varnishes. It has been a staple in the industry for thousands of years.   In 1935, 116 million pounds of it were designated for paint and varnish use in America alone!  The testimonies of DuPont lobbyists between the years of 1935-1937 to Herman Oliphant (Chief Counsel for the Treasury Department) that hempseed oil could be synthetically replaced by DuPont's new chemical products are undoubtedly tied in with Oliphant's drafting of the Marijuana Tax Act, which was submitted to Congress and passed in 1938.
cont. in Part 2

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