Thursday, September 29, 2011

ATF Says "No Firearms for Medical Marijuana Users"... Are You Kidding Me?!

     According to an *open letter* issued by the ATF to all Federal Firearms Licensees on September 21, 2011, even state-granted medical marijuana users are prohibited from "shipping, transporting, receiving, or possessing" firearms or ammo.  Where do I begin?  The tyranny has to stop and I urge EVERYONE to not take this lying down! Get up and write your senators and congressmen.
      Do we have a Second Amendment right to bear arms or not? I  personally believe that if citizens have firearms, it will keep the powers-that-be in check...  No, I'm not crazy and I do not have politicians' faces printed on firearm targets. I do, however think that most politicians only protect our Constitutional rights as long as it is convenient and/or financially profitable (ever heard of a "lobbyist"?) *PLEASE read this article!*
     Does the Tenth Amendment mean anything? According to the federal government, the answer is a huge "NO".  If  powers or jurisdiction is not specifically given to them, it is by default granted to each state or the individual citizen.  The ATF shouldn't even exist in my opinion because the federal government oversteps its Constitutional boundaries.
     The DEA knows very well it is wrong to have cannabis as a Schedule 1 controlled substance but they won't change it. *Read this*  Once again, where in the Constitution is the federal government granted the right to even have a "DEA"?
     I could keep going, but the point is made. Obviously, this nation has let the Constitution go on the wayside and has allowed special-interest groups to be our nation's compass and guide us.

P.S. This is not a Right Wing/ Left Wing argument...  Do not be fooled by Republicans who claim they believe in gun-rights... most of them only stand for the Second Amendment because it helps garner votes (see above).  Ron Paul will protect your rights as President - because of principle...


  1. At least someone agrees. Dr. Paul is the only true republican among all the other republican candidates. The fact that he is being ignored by the media is cowardly. He said it himself, the reason people are not on his side is either they don't understand what freedom is or they are intimidated by him. People have lost the idea of liberty and he is trying to return us to what our founders set up for us. People are too ignorant.