Monday, November 28, 2011

Cannabis Essential Oil

     Essential oils have been used for centuries for various curative properties.  The "essence", or unique odor, of any such plant used for oils is derived from naturally occurring compounds, such as esters and terpenes.  Through inhalation or topical application, people find relief of a variety of ailments.
     The essential oil of cannabis flowers makes for a great addition to any aromatherapy set.  Not to be confused with *Rick Simpson* oil (hemp oil) or hemp seed oil, cannabis essential oil that has been steam-distilled will be a clear to translucent light green color.  The subtle, warm, sweet scent of cannabis flower oil makes for a great compliment to citrus oils like bergamot, lemon, or orange essences.  It can be added to baked goods and candies for a delicate added flavor.
     Cannabis flower oil is often the carrier oil for more pungent oils during aromatherapy, but that doesn't undermine its significance.  The oil alone can exhibit a calming and uplifting effect and is thought to enhance clarity of thought and enhance concentration.
     Cannabis essence is generally safe for all skin types and can even be applied as an insect repellent.  By mixing the oil with water in a spray bottle, one can protect houseplants and animals.  The high terpene content of the oil works in a similar fashion as citronella.   Please note that as with all natural products, sometimes allergic reactions can occur.  Use with awareness and caution, maybe by testing a sample on a small area of skin.  Keep this, as with all essential oils, in a cool, dark place to avoid early degradation.

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