Friday, October 7, 2011

Bud of the Week - Sour Diesel

     Just like its name suggests, Sour Diesel's pungency evokes the image of sticking your nose up to a lemon slice soaked in diesel fuel.  A 90s/10i hybrid, Sour Diesel's parentage belongs to Mexican Sativa and Chemo, giving rise to a strong psycho-trope without the haze.
     Being a strong sativa-cross, Sour Diesel grows fast and tall - perfect for Sea of Green grows.  Expect it to reach upwards of 6 feet on an indoor grow with the shape of a narrow Christmas tree.  Its wide, dark leaves become purple in hue as the plant ages.
    As I had previously mentioned, Sour Diesel has a strong odor.  This may be desired by the connoisseur but the grower may want to take precaution as the smell may draw unwanted attention! The taste mixes a creamy lemon with undertones of -what else?- diesel.  The "high" is described as being intense and uplifting, typical of a strong sativa.  If inhaled, it can last for two hours.

Medicinal Uses: Chronic Pain, Cancer, Nausea, Depression, MS, Migraines 

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